Tax Advisor Jessica Carraro - Services

Services Overview

I offer advice on tax and business related matters to individual and commercial clients.

Multilingual Advisory Service

As a special service, I offer advice in German, English, and Spanish.

  • Companies
  • Private Customers
Accounting and financial statements
  • Preparation of financial and asset accounting and all advance tax returns
  • Preparation of net income method statements
  • Preparation of financial statements in accordance with German Commercial Law and Tax Law
  • Preparation of E-balance sheets
  • Advice regarding the preparation of financial statements and E-balance sheets
Ongoing Tax Advice and Tax Returns
  • Preparation of income tax, corporate tax, commercial tax, value-added tax, and assessment returns
  • Review of the resulting tax assessments
  • Administration of appeal proceedings
  • Support during tax audits
Payroll Accounting
  • Preparation of payroll and processing of all related bookings, such as income tax and social security, and reporting to the relevant authorities
  • Support during pension insurance audits
Business advice
  • Financing and acquisition planning
  • Sourcing of subsidiaries (also for start-ups and entrepreneurs)
  • Advice in selecting the optimal legal form for your firm
Ongoing tax advice and tax returns
  • Preparation of income tax, assessment, inheritance tax, and accessions tax returns
  • Review of the resulting tax assessments
  • Preparation of net income method statements
  • Guidance regarding redress procedures
  • Advice regarding ongoing tax questions
Tax Optimization Service/ Advice
  • Advice regarding real estate properties (i.e. leasing, capital investing, etc.)
  • Advice regarding financing, etc.